GDPR Compliance Is Not An Option, It’s Mandatory

Make Your Wordpress Blog Compliant With The 7 Key GDPR Requirements Fast!

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Powerful GDPR compliance plugin. Just install it on your Wordpress blog and you’ll have all the options required to be 100% GDPR compliant.

Save yourself from hefty fines and penalties.

Hassle Free GDPR Compliance For Wordpress

You know your customers are worried about GDPR. It’s a huge challenge to be compliant with Wordpress, because Wordpress not include any GDPR compliance features natively.

Worse, the deadline is nearly here, and the fines are really crazy - $20 million for violations!

Your customers can’t afford to be non-compliant, and they will love you forever if you bring them a real solution that makes things very easy.

With WP GDPR Fix, total GDPR compliance is a piece of cake.

Cookie Consent

Automatically informs your users about cookie use and gets their consent.

T&C Acceptance

Generate a T&C automatically and also force acceptance by users.

Privacy Policy

Generate a Privacy Policy automatically & also force acceptance by users.

Right To Be Forgotten

Collect right to be forgotten requests and automatically notify website owners / admin.

Data Access

Collect Data access requests and automatically inform admin

Data Breach Notification

Sends data breach notification to all users as required by law.

Data Rectification

Collect data rectification request and update owners and administrator.

100% Compliance

Comply with all GDPR requirements & save your business from law enforcement.

Wordpress Universal

Works with all Wordpress sites including blogs, ecom stores, etc.

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